What can we offer?


We will do our best to support your great strategy and your products, helping you to succeed in the Japanese market and bring the highest value to your brand.

We devote ourselves to the success of our customers’ brands in the Japanese market,
and give suggestions so that the step we take will accord with the customer’s current situation.
We will make known your brand story to customers throughout Japan and in a most appealing way.
We also hire experienced professionals to tailor the sales and public relations strategies to deal with the challenges and circumstances you face.
We ensure the team to gain maximum profits and growth with the aim of getting specific results.

In this way your brand will have a huge advantage in the Japanese market and will guarantee that the product will have a great impact on customers in Japan.

Crowdfunding business & B2B wholesales

We will promote your great product on Japanese crowdfunding platforms.
After the campaign, we will subsequently sell them to B2B wholesalers and of course, on EC sites.


Translate your promotional materials in English into Japanese.
When we make a distribution agreement, we will be responsible for translating all the promotional materials, such as videos, and documents etc. We have talented professional translators, who translate them into very natural Japanese.